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Et voila, après une coupure assez brutale, nous sommes de retour !!

édition 08/05/2014 :

Mais en attendant que ce blog ne soit définitivement en route pour une nouvelle aventure, il va falloir patienter pour que nous trouvions la bonne recette avec les ingrédients classiques à savoir le design et le contenu.

2014 nous voila, dépoussiérons la Nutrition


Le bâton, le bâton, le bâton… à quand la carotte ? Ça fait 10 ans maintenant…

« Mr. De Schutter recalled that, despite increasingly worrying signs and well-identified priority actions, the international community continues to pay insufficient attention to the worsening epidemic of obesity and unhealthy diets.

Two years after his report on nutrition and the right to food, and a decade after the World Health Organization (WHO) launched its Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, he said, obesity continues to advance – and diabetes, heart disease and other health complications along with it.

“The warning signs are not being heard,” he said.

In his 2012 report to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, Mr. De Schutter identified five priority actions to address obesity and unhealthy diets: taxing unhealthy products; regulating foods high in saturated fats, salt and sugar; cracking down on junk food advertising; overhauling misguided agricultural subsidies that make certain ingredients cheaper than others; and supporting local food production so consumers have access to healthy, fresh and nutritious foods. » 

Source : UN News Center, 19 May 2014 –